2019 Adonia 22 x 78 all Aluminum with Hard Top


Twin diesel motors and generators

Two Master suites, 2nd master upstairs with private deck,  10 beds, 4 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, Fire pit, large sun deck just to name a few of the over the top amenities you will find on this well equipted houseboat. 

Available Shares

9 Share boat with custom trips tailored to your schedule. Owners can buy days based on their needs. 7 day shares, 10 day shares, two 6/7 day trips even 14 day shares available. We will work around your schedule to make the most enjoyable experience for you, your family and friends

Own a lifetime of memories

Reserve your time on "MY TIME" shared ownership Yacht before the best time runs out of reach.   ( see schedule below) 

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Announce coming events

Come see our display at the upcoming L.A. Boat Show.  January 10th - 14th 


Schedule personal tour of our boats

If your are about ready to take the plunge, schedule a tour of our many boats at Antelope Point Marina or tour a new build at the Adonia factory by appointment.

Contact Bill Maxwell @ 928-300-6791

email billmaxwells@hotmail.com